Apr 15, 2015

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Coachella Fashion Styles and Must-Haves You Should Try Next Year

The biggest and most expensive music festival on the planet has just concluded. Were you there at the Coachella? Did you rock cute but comfortable outfits during the two-weekend concert? Well, if you weren’t there or regretted wearing such tasteless garbs, we’ve collated a few tips to help you pull off great ensembles next year or to any other musical fests you might want to go to.

Bra tops

Did you see Rihanna wear a badass bra top with studded denim shorts? Yes, they’re very comfortable and show just enough skin. At night, when it gets cold, you can pull over a kimono like the pink Chanel one the bad gal wore at the event.


Breezy tops

These include tank tops, racerrbacks, crop tops, shirts, etc. Make sure they’re made of light materials so you don’t sweat like a horse while you’re out dancing under the sun.

Big hats

During the day, the sun can spoil all the fun. So to avoid punishing yourself from being under the heat of the sun, you can wear a huge hat like that of Pharell Williams.

Temporary tats

Unless you have lots of real tattoos, these fake inks will definitely complement your summery or Boho ensembles.


You need sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun while you’re watching U2 or Beyonce perform on stage. But be sure to pick those with cool, quirky designs.


Colored hair

Whether its grey, purple, electric blue, purple, pink or all the colors of the rainbow, you should definitely try sporting a new hair color during one of these events. That way, your friends will easily spot in the middle of a crazy crowd.

Comfy footwear

Now, these festivals are usually held in open grassy and sometimes, muddy fields. This means that wearing stilettos isn’t really a bright idea. You can opt for flip flops, strappy sandals, sneakers, espadrilles and even boots like what Alessandra Ambrosia wore.

Water bottles

You should keep yourself hydrated as too much heat can dry your body. So bring a water container that you can just refill anytime.

Handy bag

Of course, you need a bag that’s big enough to fit all your stuff. Be sure it has compartments that can hold all your valuables.


Depending on your style, you can go for futuristic or hip chic. Avoid chunky accessories that can make you feel uncomfortable later on.

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