May 13, 2015

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Choosing Swimwear for the Plus Size Woman

Having love handles, chubby cheeks and large busts pose a great challenge for women when it comes to picking clothes. Come summertime, plump ladies go through the difficulties of choosing swimwear that provides good coverage, great comfort and some shape enhancing properties.

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When choosing bathing suit, plus size women ought to consider four things:

Comfort – A good swimwear hugs the body but not too tightly, it becomes hard to move or breathe. Straps must not dig into the skin and crotches must not ride up.

Support – A swimming suit with the right support and camouflage is great for hiding those flabs. Swimwear with shape enhancers and tummy tuck design helps improve body contour with usage.

Coverage – Some women, regardless of shape and size, do not want to overexpose their bodies when swimming. Rashguards, tankinis, swimdresses and once piece suits offer excellent coverage while two-piece bikinis and peepholed suits show off much skin.

Style – Swimwear comes in varying styles, prints, colors and accessories. It all boils down to what looks great for the body and what the user prefers to wear.

Since not all plump women have the same body figure, it is practical to shop for swimwear based on one’s body type or shape.

Pear-Shaped – Women with larger thighs and bottoms need to accentuate their upper body. Tankinis and one-pieces with bold prints and colors on the top portion is recommended.

Apple-Shaped – An apple-shaped woman have shoulders wider than the hips. One-piece suits with V-necklines, full prints and those with catchy details on the bottom compliment the inverted triangle or the apple figure.

Round-Shaped – Women with big thighs, wide shoulders and large waistline must pick swimwear with waist-slimming designs, plunging necklines, contoured silhouettes, fringes and bold prints provide slender effects to the body.


More than anything, plus size women need swimwear that provide great support. Although bandeaus and skimpy bikinis may look sexy, what plump women need are those with underwire and high-waist bikinis that support the tummy and bust areas.

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