Apr 4, 2016

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Channeling Prompto or Noctis with Final Fantasy XV Costumes

Have you ever wanted a cosplay costume that you can buy off the rack rather than make your own or customize? If you happen to be a fan of Final Fantasy XV, and want to dress up like Prompto or Noctis, you will have access to such outfits very soon. But be prepared to spend some serious cash.

Japanese fashion house Roen is collaborating with Square Enix to develop a clothing line based on the Final Fantasy XV costumes. The Prompto line will include a pair of fingerless gloves, vest, cheetah-print denim slacks, bandana and a pair of socks. The Noctis outfit, on the other hand, consists of Military Blouson Z, cropped pants, gloves and socks.

Unlike the usual costumes, the Final Fantasy XV line will be made of high-end designer clothing, such as high-quality denim, leather, sheepskin and other fabrics. No cheap fabric or hardware here, only fashion pieces you can brag about.

Final Fantasy XV

And brag about you should, considering that an entire Prompto outfit would set you back about $3,300. A full-on Noctis costume, on the other hand, will cost you just under $2500, according to the site allgamesdelta.net, which did the currency conversion of yen to dollar.

Of course, a true fan wouldn’t mind spending a lot, just to look like their favorite Final Fantasy XV character. Or will they?

But there is a perfectly good explanation as to why these costumes are worth the investment. The Noctis Military Blouson Z, for example, has a corded lining for a cleaner silhouette. A special process was also used to add functionality, gloss and elegance to the blouson.

Final Fantasy cosplay

It is confirmed that the release date for Final Fantasy XV will be on September 30 this year. But Roen and Square Enix have been accepting pre-orders for the official and 100% authentic Final Fantasy XV clothing.