Oct 3, 2016

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Brilliant Tips for the “Brown” Beauty When Choosing Color for Their Apparel

A lot of “morenas” or “brown beauties” out there would agree that it is quite a challenge for them to find the perfect hues in what to wear, as they could not just pick any color to fit their skin tone, unlike those with fairer skin who can wear even the brightest clothing they can find in a boutique. If you are one of these ladies with beautiful tanned skin, you can ensure that you will even look better every time you go out with these fashion tips that focus on colors that will perfectly suit you.


  • Black and white is your best friend.

According to fashion experts, brown women should never be afraid of getting washed out by wearing clothes in black and white. While black can draw out the gold tone in your complexion, white can make your skin look richer and fuller.

  • Stay clear from bright and flashy tones.

Among the colours that you should avoid are bright yellow and pink for the reason that these will only make your skin look dull. Instead you can go for clear and sharp colours, such as back, white, red and navy blue, which will complement the colour of your beautiful skin.

  • Stick with the earthy hues.

If you want to keep it casual, you can stick to earthy tones, such as white and brown, and then combine them with a little bit of highlighting shades, lie green. However, you should stay away from subdued earth tones, like orange and beige.


  • Party in blue.

When you go to a party, it is recommended to wear darker shades, such as navy and blue. Also, you should look for dresses with a gradient design to accentuate your shape.

There you have it. By keeping these tips in mind, you will be more proud of the way you look with your perfect olive skin no matter what designs you choose!