Oct 6, 2013

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Body Care in autumn

Body care in autumn goes through two main steps, the skin care and maintenance of physical fitness. Do not be frustrated by all the sacrifices made in the spring letting you go to laziness. Scrubs and moisturizers are the allies to keep the skin smooth and compact, while physical activity is essential to maintain the sleek and toned body. With the arrival of cold and warm clothing it is easy neglected taking few extra pounds. Let’s find out how not to give in to laziness.

Body care

Maintain fitness after the sacrifices made in the summer is easier than it seems. Follow a balanced diet without overdoing sweets, fruits and meats. Eating properly is always to be preferred to radical diets followed by incredible binges. Do not abandon the good habit of doing physical activity. Now that the weather permits you can dedicate to running, and when the weather will be stiffer you can go to the gym and pool are the two places in which to keep fit classes with exercises.

The care of the skin of the body is important in this phase of climatic transition. Remember to make a scrub once a week and apply a nourishing cream to prevent cracking post holidays. Keep good habits for the summer and continue to use an anti-cellulite cream or a good tonic. Keeping compact and smooth the skin is important all year round.

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