Jul 20, 2014

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Bingo call video revives Bee Gees fashion

Each and every decade has its own distinct sense of fashion and more often than not this is characterised by what celebrities, bands and musicians choose to wear.

You can therefore identify key trends from across the decades in the clothing and actions of those that take to the stage and recently I saw that the Bee Gees fashion seemed to be making a comeback with this video depicting the band’s distinctive dance more for staying alive:

The video itself isn’t designed to revive the Bee Gees though – but it is meant to make you remember them.

This is all part of an innovative campaign that is documenting all 90 bingo calls in video form, giving players visual reminders when trying to learn the bingo lingo.

By referencing something as iconic as the Bee Gees, this video really sells the call for number 85: Staying Alive.

All 90 videos which have been produced as part of the campaign are already live on YouTube for you to watch – just click here – so you can finally learn all of the obscure and well-known bingo calls used in your favourite game of chance … and all while reminiscing over fashion trends past!