Mar 4, 2015

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Best Hair Color Trends for 2015

This year marks the waning appeal of the ombré look. Celebrities are donning hair coloring styles that either have bolder streaks or gradual coloring – more like taking the extremes and not settling for the middle ground.

This year, ladies have the option to go with deep browns and strong streaks of highlights, or they can go for softer reds and babylights for a less noticeable yet equally trendy look. Here are some recommendations by L’Oréal Professionnel artist Jason Backe and Theresa Adams, master stylists in New York.

Deep Browns


Varying shades of deep browns are ideal for those with pinkish skin, darker skin tones and even those with fair and olive skin. Backe suggests cool tones for those with darker complexion, and shades of gold for those who tan easily.

Adams says ash-brown hues compliments fair and olive skin perfectly. Deep chocolate browns, on the other hand, would really stand out in contrast with a natural blonde hair.

Strong Streaks

This year is a comeback for the 90s look like that of Cindy Crawford, Backe says. Women can ditch the ombré and seek bolder highlights and strong ribbons down their long wavy locks.

Shorthaired women, however, need not panic. They can apply hair color to small sections of hair about an inch below the roots, and mainly focus on the undersides first to get the desired look. Those with long, dark hair can use golden highlights in thick streaks for a more noticeable effect.



Babylights are subtle highlights that mirror the fading colors in a child’s hair after spending hours under the sun. Backe recommends having natural highlights such as babylights, which offers a smoother and more gradual change of hues – a perfect change from the usually dark hair colors women choose for autumn.

According to Adams, babylights introduce highlights and dimension into the hair, and they demand little upkeep and grows out more naturally.

Softer Reds

The soft reddish cast in dark locks warms up a woman’s complexion, just like Kate Middleton and Viola Davis. Depending on a person’s preference, there are super rich reds that give more dimension and bright, fiery reds that looks more natural. Red casts do not necessarily have to be purely reds as golds and coppers may be added into the mix for a multidimensional look.

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