Sep 18, 2013

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Beginning your own fashion emporium

It’s often quoted that the best time to start a new business is during a recession. People, through either choice or redundancy, take the plunge and try to turn their hobbies into a business, creating a whole new career for themselves.

Fashion Emporium

          Fashion is a notoriously fickle business where stock turnover is high and trends change on a near monthly basis. Keeping abreast in a fashion environment can be tricky, but ultimately it can also be a very rewarding new avenue to take professionally.

20 years ago if you wanted to start a fashion business you’d need to get a shop or at least room in a shop. You’d be paying a premium for the best square footage to try to tempt in the passersby. Nowadays the internet has given a wider scope for how to get into retail. Setting up an online shop means a brand can be fine-tuned to suit a specific target demographic.

It’s not difficult to set up an internet retail outlet. If you’re no good at building websites yourself you can buy an off-the-shelf kit to make your DIY website with ease. These sites are very professional in appearance and mean even a startup ran by just one person can compete with the larger brands. If necessary a freelance graphic designer can be hired to design the graphics and logo and then these can be uploaded to a DIY website kit, keeping costs down but still ensuring the business is unique.

As for stocking a new business, the internet is once again your friend. 30 years ago you’d have to fly around the world to source your suppliers, now it’s possible to simply enter ‘wholesale fashion’ into a search engine and see the results. Not just the clothes but complementary handbags, jewellery and shoes can be sourced this way too. By shopping around online it’s possible to ensure not too much money is tied up in stock. See what sells best so you know where to focus your business’s unique selling point.

High fashion that has a short shelf life can create a dynamic business, as website visitors will expect renewed stock every visit. Changing with the seasons and responding to special events (a collection of Oscars themed cocktail dresses in the run up the awards ceremony for example) will keep the site fresh.

So, with a bit of careful planning, starting a new career and business could be easy with a touch of online magic. Suddenly, instead of worrying if you’ll have your existing job by the end of the recession, you can focus on walking out of the recession with your previous hobby now being your career.

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