Aug 8, 2016

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Become the authority in fitness – as a personal trainer

Amidst the noise and nonsense of questionable health articles on the Daily Mail and Guardian websites, one quantifiable truth always emerges – we’re obsessed with the idea of remaining as fit as a fiddle for as long a time as possible.

Become the authority in fitness

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One week, avocadoes are the in-thing, and the next someone’s claiming that avocadoes will give you cancer. There’ll be a newspaper headline proclaiming the wondrous vitality that tofu provides you with, but then you’ll find an article claiming that tofu is actually a health carbuncle and should be avoided at all costs.

No matter which article you believe, the truth of the matter will always out. Staying healthy is always going to be of great importance to people, and is a marketing boon if you know your stuff.

Get fit get paid

Outside of medicine, the world of fitness is the easiest way to make cash and stay healthy. But you can’t rely on advice from the shysters who write health articles for the papers. You’ll need to earn a proper education.

There are plenty of courses for personal training online that can give you a helping hand, providing you with a comprehensive knowledge of training, fitness and even personal health.

With this knowhow under your belt you’ll open up a new career path for yourself as a personal trainer, providing clients with a fully licensed and qualified expertise that could blow a shoddy Daily Mail article out of the water in a heartbeat.

In fitful employment

But how you tackle your new career path could make all the difference. Now that there are plenty of low budget private gyms in the UK (Pure Gym being the most prominent), finding employment within the industry is easier than ever.

Many of these gyms operate with minimal staff, but the competition between personal trainers (who work on commission) can be fierce.

Because of this, some people elect to get out of the rat race and set up their own private sessions for clients.

These sessions could take place in your client’s home, in the local park or in a privately built gym, depending on your budget. But the trick doesn’t lie in where you’re located. The real skill is in building a stable list of clients who’ll trust in your ability.

How do you gain their trust? The easiest way is to stay as trim and muscular as possible. Your body is the perfect advert for your training regime, so keep it in shape and you’ll never run out of customers.

With the right kind of knowledge, your training regime will rise above the noise and bluster of health articles – and turn you into a fitness top dog.