Jan 7, 2015

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Beauty Habits to Practice this 2015

Thinking about some new beauty habits to form this 2015? Well, here are some you should try out.

The New Thing

The new year also means new things to try out. This would something you have not done before in terms of making yourself pretty. This could be something that would liberate yourself. This could go as random as trying a new make-up look or a totally different hairstyle. This time try to be more adventurous.

The New Make-up

Of course, you might need new make-up set too. As you can see, cosmetics also have expiry dates which you should check from time to time. Clear all of them out before the new year starts and you would busy about other things. Then, you can update them as desired or needed.

The New Hair Style

They say this coming 2015 is more focused on being more natural. This would be the best time for you to give your hair a break from all of the dyeing, styling and heating that lead to damage and breakage. Try to make it simpler and accept its natural texture.

The New Skin Protectors

This would be more necessary today than years before when the environment did not seem to be harsher. Always be ready with a Sun Protection Factor in hand because you would not know when you have to stay under the sun. Also, people have become fonder of beaches than before. Also, wear make-up which already incorporates SPF so you would not have to get several products.

The New Hand Cream

This 2015 try to be more caring with your hands and always keep them soft. They are the ones which get so busy everyday in doing your activities of daily living. Since they go through much, reward them with a good hand cream. It is not only the face which could show signs of aging but they do too.

If you are serious about breaking the old bad habits, then do these resolutions now.

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