Jan 2, 2014

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Anti-aging foods

Every single one of us want to stay young forever. But because we all know that this isn’t possible, the best thing we can do, is choose the proper foods which can help us slow down the aging process. Nuts, fruits, meat, fish and vegetables can help in the fight against aging. Find out below which foods can help in the fight against the ravages of time.

Plums | Slows the aging process

It has strong antioxidant properties and is rich in potassium, iron, fiber and vitamins A, B3, B6. Potassium aids in the control of blood pressure, B6 protects the heart, Vitamin A maintains youthful skin and iron gives energy.



Fennel | Prevents the aging of the arteries

Rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, folate and phytonutrients, that help reduce inflammation. Dietary fiber reduces cholesterol and folic acid avoids the risk of diseases associated with the heart. Vitamin C plays an important role in preventing aging of the arteries, but also helps boost the immune system.

Sunflower seeds | Elastic and youthful skin

Rich in vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc and fatty acids omega6. The seeds help reduce heart disease and inflammation, contribute to healthy bone structure and a better functioning immune system.

Pumpkin | Prevents premature aging

Rich in fiber, vitamin C and carotenoids. Reduces heart diseases and diseases related with the eyes. Also helps reduce the harmful effects of the sun on the skin that can cause premature aging due to the high amount of beta carotene it contains.



A recent survey of Italian scientists proclaimed the Mediterranean diet as the key of longevity. The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, olive oil, refined grains and dairy products, can help us live longer.

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