Jan 5, 2013

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Accessories 2013: OPS! Objects Launches Lux Gold Attraction bracelet

The famous brand OPS! OBJECTS presents a new limited edition of bracelet: the bracelet with a heart of gold and dresses for this concept of luxury is evident and is even called Lux Gold Attraction. Designed for these festivities still in progress, the brand has produced only 30,000 units of this bracelet.

Lux Gold Attraction bracelet

Lux Gold Attraction bracelet

A Luxury appeal to this must-have jewelry for the Christmas occasion is consisted of a chain of resin characterized by a special bright gold color finish, and then there is the peculiar large heart-shaped pendant made ​​of acetate that wants to create a precious mottled effect vein. It also has the medal steel embossed with the logo OPS! that is colored in yellow gold combined with the chain of the bracelet. The price of the bracelet Lux Gold Attraction on OPS! Objects is 44.00 euro.

Being in a limited edition, the bracelet will also have a special package: a casket in which the bracelet will be elegantly wrapped. In addition to this it will even have a dedicated shopping bag. This first limited edition designed for the holiday season is the first in a series that will cover the New Year 2013. We just have to wait and see what the brand OPS! Objects will propose.

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