Jan 11, 2016

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7 Tricks for Your Best Lipstick Ever

Who doesn’t want a perfect pout? Here are 7 genius tricks to give you the best lipstick ever.

  1. For a perfect cupid bow, put an X mark on the spot using a lip liner. Lining the tip will make it easier for you to figure out where to draw your lipstick.
  1. Apply lipstick first before the liner. This is another trick to shape your lips perfectly. By applying your lipstick first, you will be able to see exactly where you need to draw the lip liner. And when your lip color begins to face, liner and lipstick will fade together, sparing you from the dilemma of having a ‘ring’ around your lips.
  1. Use the liner to define your actual lips. Many use liners to make their lips look fuller, but it is never really a good idea to create a “new” lip line. So, keep it natural. Use a liner to enhance your lips and not create new ones.


  1. Prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth by run a finger through your lips. Doing so allows the excess lipstick on your inner lips to stick on your finger and keeps them from spreading on your teeth.
  1. Make color last longer. After applying your favorite color, get a piece of facial tissue and cover your lips with it. Get a brush dipped in translucent powder and then dust this on your lips over the tissue. After which, re-apply your lipstick. This will make your color last throughout the day.


  1. Apply concealer on the outer edges of lips to make your lips pop and prevent your lipstick from smearing. Make sure to line carefully and blend thoroughly to keep the look natural.
  1. For fuller lips, use a lip plumping gloss. This can give your lips and instant boost with having you creating a new lip line.