Jun 27, 2016

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6 Rules for Wearing All Black Clothing

Black is one of the best colors for clothing. It is elegant, chick and slimming. Not to mention, it looks good on all skin tones and hair colors. It the very neutral, and it looks good on men as it does on women. It can make wearers appear more attractive, confident and intelligent.

If you’re a fan of this hue, here are the six rules for wearing all black clothing.

  1. Wear a variety of fabrics and textures.

The key to looking elegant and chic in an all-black outfit is varying the fabrics and textures. Wearing all-black clothing that is all cotton can look dowdy. Likewise, wearing black leather from head to toe can be a sore in the eyes. Try combining fabrics and adding some textures for balance.


  1. Choose a fabric that’s appropriate for the season.

A black wool frock will look fabulous in the fall but totally out of place during summer. Cotton, silk blends, linen, and sheers are easier to pull off for an all-black outfit during the summer months.

  1. Make sure the clothes fits.

The reason many people wear black is that because black is slimming. So, if you want to make this color work for you, go for clothes that fit you perfectly or flatter your shape. Avoid the shapeless and drab ones if possible.

  1. Always accessorize

Accessories can add interest to your all-black outfit. A pearl necklace on a little black dress can instantly make you look elegant. A thin red or hot pink belt and metallic heels can make you look extra sassy. Accessories, especially in bold and colorful colors can become a statement piece for any black outfit.

  1. Play with your lipstick


Your choice for lip tint can make a lot of difference on your look. Light pink lipstick is perfect for a casual day. Bold red or deep red can make you look dressy at night.

  1. Go easy on the makeup

Black can make you look older than you really are. One of the ways to avoid this is keeping your makeup lighter or minimal. Go easy on the eye shadows and blush-on.