Feb 29, 2016

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6 Chic Office Outfit Ideas You Ought to Try Today

When a woman wants to be taken seriously in a corporate setting, sometimes, all it takes is for her to dress appropriately. If you want your employer to consider your promotion, you have to look like a lady boss. This is called attracting positive energy to make your dream of becoming a manager or CEO come true.

Here are fabulous office outfit ideas that will make you look more presentable and more respectable.

Add a belt to an office-appropriate dress.

A midi length dress would be a chic work attire. Add more oomph to your ensemble by wearing a belt over it. It’s professional and classy, making you look like a total boss.

Wear a blazer with casual trousers.

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During dress-down days, don’t settle for just a blouse or long-sleeve t-shirt with jeans. Instead, opt for casual trousers paired with a crisp shirt and a blazer. It’s still causal but more office-appropriate.

Pick a dressy blouse.

You can never go wrong with a silk or chiffon blouse. But if it has a sheer material, wear a spaghetti strap top under it. Peplum tops are also great for a corporate setting. Then, tuck it under a pair of straight-leg pants or pencil skirt.

Jazz up casual outfits.

A pullover or sweater over a shirt would be a preppy and elegant combo for an office outfit. The right accessories would also class things up.

Show off your confidence with heels.

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Stilettos and pumps make any woman look powerful and in control. Black shoes may be more suitable. But you can wear other colors on casual days, if you want.

Keep makeup to bare minimum.

You don’t want to look like you’re going to a club, right? So, make sure your makeup is on-point – minimal yet sexy. Nude lips and a bit of eyeliner would be perfect.

They say that when you look your best, people will start to take notice. So, make sure you dress the part to ensure your boss will take your promotion seriously.

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