Oct 2, 2014

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5 Trends Witnessed During the 2014 Paris Fashion Week

France’s capital was the site of the last of the Big 4 fashion shows. Just like New York, London and Milan, there were key fashion takeaways gathered from every show ever staged during this event. Here’s a recap of the trends that made its way across many designers’ clothing:

Style for your hands 

Accessories were a major thing in all the Big 4 fashion shows. However, in Paris, the statement accessory was definitely gloves. And take note that all the pieces showcased weren’t muted and simple. Imagine this: at Dior, they came in chevron stripes while Rochas featured a vibrant orange shade.


6837216885_884727765b_z (1)

Or, you know, whatever sound a leopard makes. The point is that leopard prints were a hit across different shows during Parish Fashion Week. Ladies who love this kind of feline print will surely enjoy spring 2015 as there’s set to be a lot of this coming. From coats to dresses, leopard was the print of the week.

A little bit of Pharrell? 


You know how Pharrell always has this crazy hat on when performing? Some even dubbed it as the Arby’s hat for its resemblance to the logo of the dining establishment.

Well, in Paris, it seems that Pharrell was such an inspiration as there were a number of super-sized hats. Who knows? Maybe putting on any one of these really high head gear might make you HAPPY!

Zip is IT 

Zippers were the highlight of the event. At the Balenciaga show, coats and dresses all had zipper details. Stella McCartney went a little more creative with her zip detail as it looked more like squiggles on her oversized jackets and sweaters. On the other hand, Carven featured pieces that were simple but the zip was from nape to knee.

Corsage not from your date 

A lot of designers featured 3D flowers in their spring collection. Whether it be a lily or a calla lily, different blooms were present.

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