May 30, 2019

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5 Tips Of What To wear On A Wedding

We all believe that wedding clothes are specific, but you may be surprised to learn that it may be a bit more complicated to choose the right garment. Below I could suggest some ideas for a wedding outfit and what would be good to avoid.

1. Select a single color dress and without any patterns

Although you will be a normal guest, with the bride stealing the show, surely a photographer will strike a pose to you, so you want to look good and beautiful. Clothes that are simple and classy will definitely help the situation. It is better to avoid horizontal stripes and choose the vertical if you want to create a picky figure.

2. Choose something according to where the wedding will take place.

If you know where the wedding takes place, you can get a lot of inspiration from the site and see what can or cannot be worn. If the wedding is outdoors in the middle of the summer, you have to choose very different clothes from a wedding in a church in the winter. A religious event may require covering your hair or your hands or a simple dress would be suitable for a beach event. Appropriate wedding clothes are often limited to casual or formal.

3. Little Black Dress: A safe option

It is common to hear that every woman needs to have a little black dress (LBD), hanging in the closet for various events such as cocktail parties, night outlets, etc. But is the LBD acceptable in a wedding scenario? As it turns out, it is! The little black dress is safe to every occasion and weddings are no longer an exception. If you do not have an LBD, then consider this ideal opportunity to head to the mall and find your new outfit that you will not stop wearing.

4. Choose comfortable shoes

Obviously, I do not recommend wearing your pink sportswear at a wedding, Instead, look for beautiful and comfortable shoes that you can wear for several hours. Although it may be tempting to have high heels shoes, before you buy them, walk around the shop and see if you could comfortably wear them for hours. If the answer is negative, then either review the purchase or take another pair of shoes with you so you will not end up barefoot.

5. Do not exaggerate with the accessories

It’s nice to wear jewelry or other accessories that are a good combination with your dress. The best rule is to keep it as simple as possible. Excessively large, bright or colorful accessories may look too much for a wedding.

I hope you enjoy and find those tips useful for a future event that you have to attend! Let me know if you like it!

  1. Lovely tips ! All I need now is an invitation to a wedding.

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