Nov 1, 2014

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5 of the Worst Beauty Fails You Ought to Steer Clear From

There are a lot of beauty disasters that can happen at the worst times. Not only are these mistakes ego-busting, but they can also influence people’s impression of you. So to avoid these blunders and save yourself from embarrassment, make sure you don’t commit these beauty fails:

Going crazy with the powder

You see this major beauty failure in celebrities time to time. And they all look like they’ve bumped into a whole sack of flour, right? So be extra careful when applying powder on your face especially when there is no sufficient lighting. Also, see to it that you choose a powder with a shade that closest to your skin tone.


Disastrous smoky eye effect

A lot of models and celebrities love sporting this kind of eye makeup, which makes it quite the trend nowadays. But attempting to apply it on your own can quickly lead to looking like a raccoon. If you want to use this effect for an important event, make sure you practice applying it weeks before the date. This should ensure that you’ll be able to do it correctly. You can watch how-to videos, read beauty blogs or check out a beauty shop near you so makeup artists can teach you.

Clumpy mascara

Another way to ruin your eye makeup is having clumps of mascara stick to your perfectly curled lashes. Since this is the usually the last cosmetic to apply on your face, having clumpy mascara can be very frustrating, not to mention humiliating. To avoid this disaster, run a lash comb through your eyelashes after drying the mascara.

Over tanning

It can be very embarrassing to get sunburnt skin, and much worse if you’ve over-tanned artificially. That can make you look like a doll gone wrong in the factory. If you’re attending an important affair and you want to have that bronze glow, make it a point not to overdo it. If the damage has already been done, you can get rid of some of the “bad glow” by exfoliating. But see to it that you use a mild exfoliant with a loofah to avoid irritating your skin. Looking great is very important, especially if you want to impress other people. So be sure you don’t commit these beauty failures. EVER.

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