Dec 28, 2015

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5 Best Dressed Celebrities for 2015

Another year is about to end and many fashion and entertainment events have taken place over these 12 months. With many celebrities attending these parties and celebrations, standing out in the crowd can simply be daunting. However, there were those who were able to get the crowd’s attention as they walked on the red carpet.

Here are some of the best-dressed celebrities for 2015:

Cate Blanchett

When it comes to elegance and style, Cate has her way to make her presence felt whenever she is in the room or on the red carpet. From faux corsets to sassy boilers, she can transform elegantly and remain as fresh-looking as she can be.


Queen Letizia of Spain

Although she does not act in front of the camera, this royalty sure can smile at the cameras of photographers vying to take her pictures wherever she is. She loves to wear pointed pumps and power skirt-suits. At times she can be bold and daring but still she does not cross the line to commit fashion blunder. Even in leather dress, she still exudes elegance and confidence, making her the regal queen that she is.



This singer’s kind of fashion is as colorful and mesmerizing as her songs. This year, her favorite colors bordered in pastels and silhouettes paired with different hair styles. Her dresses are unpredictable yet always interesting to look forward to.

Solange Knowles

Beyonce’s younger sister has also impressed photographers and fashion critics with her fashion style this year. Her wardrobe consisted of silhouettes and color-blocked dresses and skirts which she wore confidently and complemented by her natural hair.

Daniel Craig

The only man in the list, Spectre star Craig wore perfect-cut suits, cashmere sweaters and coats during his press tour. Being the dashing and debonnaire James Bond in the movies, Daniel Craig is indeed the spy loved by women, not only for his moves but also for his fashion style.