Nov 30, 2015

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4 Creative Ways to Express Your Fashion Statement with a Scarf

When it comes to making a fashion statement, women use different accessories to create the look they want. However, there are those who use the ever reliable scarf to build their personal style. What’s great about scarves is that you need not have to own a lot. With twists and turns, you can have different looks yet maintain the style you want.

Here are creative ways to wear a scarf:

Scarf Bustier

A scarf can used as a piece of clothing like a bathing suit cover up or even a top. By folding it to your preferred width, wear it over your chest and with the ends at the back, tie them in a knot that is parallel to the front. The next step is to bring the ends to the front and insert them to create a neckline effect.


Bubbly Braid

To achieve this result, fold the scarf, horizontally. Once it is folded, wear it around your neck and insert the two ends in the loop from the fold. Afterwards, make another twist for a second loop slightly smaller than the first and slide the ends again through the loop.

No-sew Circle Scarf

For a do-it-yourself circle scarf sans sewing, you will need three safety pins. First, get the scarf and fold it in half with and secure the ends using the pins. You might want to use smaller ones so they will not be exposed easily. Next, wear the scarf and see to it that the part where the pins are will be against neck. Your last step is to wrap your scarf on her neck again and you are good to go.


The Classic Loop

This is the easiest way to wear your scarf. Start by putting the middle part of the scarf on the front part of your neck and place the ends at your back. The next step is to bring the ends of the scarf around in front and simply tuck them through the loop. Pull them down just enough to keep you comfortable.

With some twists and turns, you can have a gazillion ways to create a fashion statement with just a scarf or two.

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