Apr 21, 2017

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4 A-listers who got tattooed for love

In recent years, tattoos have become really popular amongst celebrities. From subtle designs to more prominent body art covering large areas of the body, everything goes for our a-listers. More than just a way to adorn their bodies, tattoos have also turned into a way to profess their love to kids, spouses and partners. But love can be fugace and while we can’t help but swoon over David Beckham’s tattoos dedicated to his wife and kids, we also all have in mind a rather high number of tattoo disasters that ended up having to get lasered out or being remodelled into some cringe-worthy designs such as the infamous “Winona forever” turned into “Wino forever”, brought to you by our very own Johnny Depp…


Tattoos are still well on trend though so don’t rush into a Cynosure Ireland clinic to get them removed just now: here are 4 celebs who went full Y.O.L.O. with tattoos and got the name of their loved one(s) inked onto their skin forevermore (or until it got so bad they went their separate ways).

  1. Johnny Depp

Wino forever was one thing (and a terrible one at that) but you didn’t get the whole shebang about Johnny’s love tattoos fails: in the aftermath of his violent separation with actress Amber Heard, he proceeded to turn the “SLIM” tattoo (a nickname for Heard) on his knuckles to “SCUM”. A harsh message definitely intended to the actress?

  1. Kanye West

Kanye West can be a little bit of a diva at times but he remains quite the sensitive type. The two mysterious roman numerals tattoos on both his wrists can attest it: the musician and fashion designer has inked his daughter’s North as well as his late mum’s dates of birth on the inside.

  1. Eva Longoria

When she got married with international basketball player Tony Parker in 2004, Eva Longoria got the date of their wedding tattooed onto her wrist. As if this wasn’t enough, she also got the number nine inked onto her neck: 9 in honor of the number Parker wore on the field… When the marriage ended back in 2010, a lot of time must have gone into those laser removal sessions!

  1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus didn’t do subtle when she decided to ink the entire face of her grandmother, singer Loretta Finley onto the inside of her forearm. Paying tribute to her grandma was important for the star, as she captioned the photo of her inking back in 2013 with the following statement: “because i am her favorite and she is mine.”. The overwhelming design was inked by celebrity tattooist Kat Von D.

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