Sep 21, 2015

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself for Your Prom Night

Growing up, one of the events girls are looking forward to is the prom night. If you’re in your teens, you might have daydreams about this special occasion since it only happens once in your lifetime. Are you having ambivalent feelings about this? If you haven’t any clue on how to go about this, here are some questions you will find helpful.

Who Are You Wearing?

What are you going to wear? Don’t worry if you are too tall for your age or you think you have the wrong body type. There is a suitable outfit for every body type. It might be smart if you choose your prom dress several weeks before the date. You have to know how much you are willing to spend for it. What colour, fabric and style do you prefer? You can go for an A-line dress, an empire waist or a ball gown. Having someone who knows about dresses or a designer can help you out.


How Will You Go to the Prom?

Going to and from the venue is also important. You wouldn’t want to walk or take the bus heavily made-up, would you? Perhaps, you and your friends can hire a car or limousine for the night. Or perhaps, your date might be the one to pick you up, with the consent of your parents, of course. You are allowed to enjoy but you have to think of your safety as well. It is always better to let your parents know your plans.

How Would You Look?


This is probably the highlight of preparing for the night at the prom, how beautiful, and confident you will be. With the dress already thought of, you have to look stunning for the occasion. Get enough sleep, avoid the sun and moisturise. Next, ensure that you have the right cosmetics and beauty products. Lastly, your hair should match your dress and your personality.

Looking gorgeous on your prom night need not give you a hard time. By addressing the questions above, you might even end up being the prom queen.