Sep 4, 2015

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3 glam tips to make you fashion-fresh

You’re strutting across catwalks looking like Kate Moss, attending showbiz parties and gaining admiring glances from Clooney, Gosling and Reynolds. This is it – you’re a star.

s fresh

Well, not really.

Instead, you’re pampering and preening in front of the mirror, desperately trying to remove the grease from your pimple-ridden visage. Nothing you wear seems to fit properly. And you’re high street retailers look about as appealing as a clown’s wardrobe.

Not exactly showbiz glam, is it? But that doesn’t mean you should be consigned to fashion styles lower than the sewers.

Even on a tight budget, this year’s styles can be enjoyed on the cheap. So what’s “in” this year – that can fit all body types?

Floral for all seasons

Floral print seldom falls out of fashion, and it’s become almost vital in British fashion to brighten up a dreadful summer. And, more so than ever, floral print is becoming available on a variety of garments.

Maxi-dresses, jumper suits, trousers and leggings – they’re all enjoying a floral touch.

Floral prints are, however, a balancing act. Wear too much and you’ll look garish, too little and it’ll stand out too much.

Strike a tight balance and you’ll be revelling in a floral wonderland – even if it is pouring with rain.

Goth to the max

One year, goths are deemed comparable to sweaty losers playing Dungeons & Dragons as they cower in their mother’s basement. The next, they’re enjoying a reign of good fashion, becoming hipper than Cara Delevingne wearing Wayfarers.

This year, they’re cooler than ever. 19th century ruffles, high necklines, lace, pale makeup and Doc Marten boots are the name of the game, and they’re guaranteed to make you stand out from any crowd.

While, you might not want to head to work in your latest Grateful Dead garb, you can expect to see a lot more moody pale kids hanging around the trendiest nightclubs in the year to come.

A Clueless fashion

Clueless might be enjoying its 20th anniversary, but that hasn’t lessened its indelible mark on fashion. FYI the movie is, like, SO hot right now.

Its style is invading everywhere, from 90s themed nights out to Iggy Azelea’s music videos. And what’s better, it’s a style that won’t break the bank.

A trip to a few charity or vintage clothes shops can provide you with preppy blazers, jumpers and dresses favoured by the Clueless gang.

Bright colours and high-class style are the name of the game. Invest in a few Clueless styles and you’ll emanate a fun-loving sense of character that only the 90s can provide.

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