Sep 23, 2014

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2014 Milan Fashion Week: 5 style trends

In London, sportswear was one of the top trends seen on the runway, but this wasn’t so much the case in Milan. Surprisingly, the looks presented on the runway were casual, but of course, still with lots of flair.

Here are the top trends spotted during the 2014 Milan Fashion Week:


The ’70s Is Making a Comeback

The ’70s was practically everywhere – from accessory presentation to the catwalk. Name a fashion trend from this decade and it was there: clogs, fringe, denim, etc.

Marco de Vincenzo featured fringe on coats and dresses. The Etro show looked like a throwback to the hippy days of San Francisco with poncho dresses and laser-cut vests. At Prada, the clog was given an update: heels covered in brocade.

The Denim Revival

Milan is the home of several noted fashion houses and some of them featured different takes on the classic jeans. At Emporio Armani, wide-legged denim with shiny, cropped cuffs was a feature. The Fendi show featured jeans done in the jodhpur style. Gucci went with mariner-front jeans that were cropped at the calf.

Flats Over Heels

Just like the 2014 London Fashion Week, designers are seemingly preferring flats over towering heels. Bottega Veneta and Armani featured sneakers on the runway while Marni, Antonio Marras, Tod’s, Missoni and Fendi had slides. And other designers opted for Birkenstock-inspired sandals.

The Belted Look

A belted jacket or a belted coat was in almost every collection presented during fashion week in Milan. Of course, some were done quite beautifully while others may need time to get accustomed to.



Sure, Milan Fashion Week went down the more casual route for spring, but there was also some sparkle in some collections. Versace had some interesting color choices while a grungy skirt was featured at N° 21. Now that Milan is done, on to the last of the Big 4 shows: Paris!

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