Sep 27, 2014

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2014 Fall Collection of Wearable Clothes

If there’s anything the highlights of Paris Fashion Week tells you, it would be that bold and wild could be the next hot trend. Just check out the Balmain collection for confirmation. The dresses were designed to show off a woman’s body in unusual ways — all transparent, except for crisscrosses of black that covers certain body parts.

 While it’s great to have at least one Balmain outfit, you should stock up on clothes that you can wear in various places and occasions. What does the fall collection have on offer?


Quinta Sweater

This wearable piece is a confirmation that you can be stylish garbed in just your knit sweater. The Quinta Sweater from All Saints, however, is not only cozy, fuzzy and wooly, but also very trendy.

Wool Blend Coat

Unlike other coats, the Wool Blend Coat bears a close resemblance to a bathrobe that you can wear outside your home. This is why it falls under 2014’s robe coat trend. Since you can’t wear your comfiest bathrobe to the office, get the Wool Blend Coat instead.

Colourblock Dress

Available in Modcloth, this dress is reminiscent of the sixties, featuring bright and bold geometrics, and silhouettes that are unique to the era. This is one vintage piece that’s fashionably trendy.


Mustang Jacket

It may be named after a horse or a car, but the Mustang Jacket is a perfect example of shearling that has influenced the runway and some of the world’s top designers. The jacket is practical and stylish, suitable for women who want to wear sensible yet trendy clothes.

Jumper Dress

This wearable piece that is available at Club L Owl, features owls, pups and other cute creatures, highlighting the fact animal themes is just as popular on the runway as it is on YouTube. What you see on the runway may not always be a practical choice. It’s not a crime to have the best of both worlds, however.

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