Jan 9, 2014

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The beauty of lips and nails

Products for lips and nails assume a new role as beauty accessories, intelligently upgrade your look belonging to smart budget potential of your makeup bag. Discover them below…

Lips and Nails

Lips and Nails

Lip Balm for delicious hydration

Hydration and exfoliation of the lips is the main factor for healthy lips, smooth appearance, without peeling. Choose a lip Balm with color and nice flavor to replace the lipstick hours not want bright makeup. Ensure the systematic renewal during the day.


The metallic shades on nail polishes have come again in fashion, while each shade suits every woman, regardless of style.



Base and top coat

The base before applying the varnish is necessary for the health of your nails since it prevents yellowing, cracking, peeling, while the top coat ensures greater durability, quick drying, and brilliance in color. Give them the necessary attention.

Lip gloss for juicy lips

Spread across the surface of the lips a rich amount of gloss for an intense effect or, alternatively, apply over your lipstick only in the center of the lips.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss

New trends

The caviar manicure has become a cool trend, following all the celebrities and has revolutionized the forefront of their appearance and tactics. If, again, you want something softer for your manicure, choose neutral beige tones, french mani or monochrome with luxurious golden tones.

Lip pencils for consistent color

It is the ally for every makeup, especially when choosing a red lipstick, after holding the color in the contour, gives volume to the lips and appropriate even for nude color options as a stabilizer.

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