Sep 8, 2013

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Robert Pattinson will star in “Life” | A movie that speaks about James Dean

It ‘s true that myths are timeless: the one of James Dean, for example, is one of those myths that films, even today, are reeling from that particular veil of mystery, which makes his life (as well as that of Marilyn Monroe, for example) extremely interesting.

Portrait Of James Dean

Portrait Of James Dean

Sooner or later they had to get a good movie on the biography of these “beautiful and damned” of Hollywood, died at the height of success, young of course, inside the passenger compartment of his Porsche.

James Dean, beautiful, sexy, with his tuft slick that drove him crazy and crazier even today, after so many generations of girls. Many films that he was the protagonist of was the “The Giant” in “Rebel Without A Cause”, the latter film, as it was, predictive. To bring him into the big screen life (short) of James we think the director Anton Corbijn has hired Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan. The beautiful Edward Twilight in this film called “Life”, will play the role of Dennis Stock, photographer of Life magazine and friend of James Dean which, in turn, will be played by the young Dane DeHaan, in my opinion more of a look-alike Leonardo DiCaprio’s than Dean.

The film, whose production will start in 2014, has already announced a success both for the presence of Pattinson, who for the story being told, that is, the life of the “myth” James Dean. And are you ready to go to the movies? After the success of Michelle Williams My Week With Marilyn, we hope that this latest production-biography will enjoy the same success, perhaps by naming the young DeHann from the Academy Awards.

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