May 5, 2013

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Reversal of the advertising campaign Trenta7 of Eleanor Moccia

It is the desire to go beyond the ordinary inspiration that gives rise to the creations of Roman young designer shoes, Eleanor Moccia. The contrast is syncretism as symbolic, union, reconciliation of opposing worlds and elements that are in the design and the meeting point in the particular element of recognition.

Eleonora Moccia Design

Eleonora Moccia Design

Stated as a reflection on the contrasts of two worlds, male and female which showed the Trenta7 collection for spring summer 2013 results in an ironic and provocative advertising campaign signed by photographer Marco D’Amico. It can also be described as the masculine in the feminine. Male symbolic elements of the universe (tie, boxer shorts, suits and shirts) are so translated in hyper-feminine aesthetic codes in a minimalism that is not absolutely minimal, but is enriched with details and minutiae that have a strongly sartorial taste.

Trenta7 Eleonora Moccia

Empty and full for volumes it has split ends, geometric cuts for the lines. They are unusual accessories, such as locks folder and office bags for men. Leather and high-quality materials are the protagonists of all creations, declined on a color palette that ranges from leather, black and white, up to the denim.

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