Dec 28, 2012

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New Year Fashion 2012: Alcott offers its look to start the new year with style

Today is Christmas and we are already there projecting the night of the last year, the most glamorous and glittering, the one that completes a year, in spite of everything (good and bad), and that in itself contains many hopes and dreams of happiness for the new year … On a night like this, you must absolutely impeccable! Alcott, a young fashion brand of hound trends, offers the look with style to celebrate the most magical night of the year.



They are colorful and sparkling. All these outfits are absolutely irresistible proposed by Alcott, ideal to make your mark in the euphoric atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, perfect to start the New Year 2013 with the right style.

Whether you want to be classically elegant, alternative or extravagant, whatever the look is to be chosen by women for the evening, Alcott is ready to suggest something that suits your expectations.

Its clothes are bold and a little sexy, they are embellished with colors such as silver, black and gold, but these alternate choices even more casual such as the skinny black members and shoulder tops fitted in sequin course: an incredible brilliant pieces solution that will give a great welcome to the New Year. What is your outfit for the last night of 2012?

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