Nov 9, 2015

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Matching Your Fashion Accessories with Your Outfit

Fashion accessories can make or break your look, so you have to make the right choices. When you choose such items to match your outfit, keep in mind the style, scale and color. Here are things you need to know about these fashion elements:


Undoubtedly, fashion accessories reflect your style. Whether you are wearing a simple black dress or sporting the “white shirt and jeans” get-up, your look would completely differ depending on your choice of jewelry, shoes, handbag and other fashion items. Depending on your personal style, you can be classic, glamorous, playful, edgy or casual.



When you are wearing patterns, simple accessories will be a perfect match, while too-busy jewelry and accessories will make you look tacky. The same goes for sequined, ruffled, embroidered and other embellished garments, so just opt for understated accessories to keep the emphasis on your clothes. When it comes to bags, consider your body type in addition to your outfit. If you are thin and tall, then you would look best with slouchy and short bags, such as clutches and hobos. If you are petite, then stay away from oversized satchels, as these would overwhelm your small frame. For plus-size and hourglass-shaped women, their best options are medium-sized structured or boxy handbags, which will balance out their sexy curves.



Accessories in any color will look coordinated and stylish if you are wearing white, black and other neutral colors, but if you are wearing a colorful outfit, then make sure it does not clash with your accessories. It all goes back to the basics of the color wheel, where primary and secondary colors sitting side by side are analogous to each other, which means they will work well when they are matched for your outfit. However, you can also make a big fashion statement by choosing opposite primary and secondary colors on the wheel, which can give you a bold and adventurous look.

Your fashion accessories can take your outfit from drab to fab, and to look your best, make sure you put as much effort into choosing these items as you would for the main components of your ensemble.

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