Nov 24, 2013

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Little beauty tips for rainy days

You woke up this morning and everything is bothering you? It seems that your nose is bigger and you want to extinction it? Does dark circles follow you since last week? Keep reading and you will find all the smart tricks to hide the imperfections!

1. Make your nose look smaller

Take a foundation slightly darker than your skin and stretch out on the side of your nose.
Make sure that you stretch well as you want to create the illusion of a shadow.
Then grab a highlighter or a light, bright concealer and pass it along the bridge of the nose.
The contrast of colors will make your nose look smaller.

Beauty tips

Beauty tips

2. Make your eyes look bigger

Warm up for 3 seconds your eyelash curler with the blow dryer and turn your lashes.
Put a layer of mascara and let it dry. Reattach many coats for a satisfactory result.
You can also use false eyelashes for a  more impressive look.
Put a little iridescent white shadow on the inner corner of the eye where it joines the two eyelids.
Make sure your eyebrows are always tidy. Eyebrows make a big difference in your face. Make sure you always have the right shape to make your eyes stand out.

Beauty tips

Beauty tips

3. Remove dark circles

Choose a concealer one tone lighter than the foundation you have.
If your dark circles are very keen to choose one that is two shades lighter.
Put small dots of concealer under your eyes.
Use the tip of your finger and pat the concealer on the skin until you achieve a smooth result.
Never rub the concealer on the skin.
If dark circles are very persistent use an eye cream containing vitamin K.

By Nicole P.

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