Nov 25, 2013

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Keeping fit while pregnant

Establishing an exercise routine is great for both body and mind, and it’s a real shame if it stops during pregnancy. If discussed with a doctor and agreed it’s ok, there’s no reason not to exercise while expecting. Most regimes can be toned down as the pregnancy progresses, simply adjusting how strenuous the routine is as bump gets bigger.

Fit while pregnant

Fit while pregnant

          Yoga has been practised successfully during pregnancy for decades. Helping to tone muscles that are already under pressure, joining a prenatal yoga class is a great place to meet other women due at a similar date too, meaning it’s a way to get fit and socialise. Maternity leggings and a maternity vest are comfortable and supportive. Most yoga classes are performed bare foot, ideal for swollen, tired feet.

          Joggers should be certain to wear the correct footwear, as a twisted ankle is the last thing needed when gaining extra weight. There’s fashionable maternity wear for every occasion, and a loose t-shirt will help prevent overheating when pounding the streets. It might be a good idea to avoid running in darkness too, and if possible go with a running buddy, to minimise the danger of falls. As pregnancy progresses jogging can be replaced by speed walking, reducing the trip risk but keeping active.

          Swimming is a brilliant form of exercise while pregnant; many women actually begin swimming regularly for the first time while pregnant. The water supports a heavy bump and aching joints, providing much needed relief for a tired mum. It’s a great alternative to the team sports that have to be avoided while pregnant. It’s also a brilliant form of relaxation, helping stressheads unwind.

          Gentle bike riding is a great way to fit exercise into social activities. Plan a safe route, avoid busy roads and choose a destination with food, drinks and toilet provisions. Keep the journey short just in case the exercise starts to take its toll earlier than anticipated, and keep a mobile phone charged up and money handy for if tired legs necessitate an emergency taxi home!

          Remember that relaxation is just as important as exercising, and don’t overdo the workouts. As bump gets bigger, substitute the odd yoga class for a massage, and swap a dip in the pool once a week for a soak in the bath. Baby will soon be here and making mum run all round the house, so make the most of relaxing while it’s still possible.

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