May 12, 2013

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Kanye West … that big hit!

It’s hard the life of the star, Kanye West knows that, since in this period is more targeted than ever, because his soul mate Kim Kardashian in a few months will make him a father for the first time.

After appearing at the Met Ball, the two were chased constantly by paparazzi on the streets of Los Angeles: Kanye, obviously “stew” by the diligent photo of the paparazzi, seems to have started to notice them to stop following him and his wife … but he did not watch where he was putting his feet.

The rapper, in fact tried to mediate with his pursuers gave a resounding “boom” to a sign, road signs, getting a really great blow to the head. Kim, of course, intervened immediately to pamper her man and the two entered the run in the restaurant where they were going.

The paparazzi, however, have continued unabated to shoot and Kanye, angry and sore they did not leave the room … showing the worst part of himself, part of which was caught on camera by TMZ and put online for the joy of us gossippari. ..

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