May 14, 2013

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How to capture the Great Gatsby look

F Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal novel The Great Gatsby is being given the Hollywood treatment this May and in anticipation of this glorious remake it seems that fashion has been transported back to the 20s.



With stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan lighting up the silver screen, there’s no doubt that this inspiring decade is going to make quite an impact on spring-summer trends.

This means flapper dresses, tasselled designs and wavy locks, for the ladies and dapper suits, cravattes and two-tone brogues for the men.

Here’s how you can capture the Gatsby look for yourself.

Decorate yourself in diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and in the 20s they were very popular, allowing people to align themselves with the upper classes of society, as well as depicting their excellent taste in jewellery.

Having not lost any of their signature sparkle, diamonds are still viewed every bit as luxurious and can be the perfect way to draw attention to a fabulous evening ensemble. Whether you’re dressing for a red carpet event or a romantic dinner for two, diamond pendants or earrings are sure to make quite a statement.

They also make beautiful gifts, especially when celebrating a birthday, anniversary or important milestone.

Art deco designs

The 20s were one of the first eras where fashion took direct inspiration from art. Drawing on abstract shapes and elements of cubism, geometric, art deco designs were hugely popular.

This encouraged men and women to try more angular, tailored designs within their clothing and geometric shapes in the home.

Art deco influences featured heavily in jewellery too, with many triangular earrings and bold necklaces, featuring cut-out designs emerging throughout the decade. These often used pastel colours such as pale blue and lemon yellow with outlines of black, white, chocolate brown and navy.

To try this theme in 2013 you could opt for some oversized triangular dangly earrings, paired with blue, yellow and cappuccino coloured nail paint, as well as a pair of natty vintage-style brogues.

Introduce texture

The Great Gatsby must have been a wardrobe designer’s dream, due to the luxurious swathes of fabric used and the diverse mix of different textures.

This was synonymous with 20s fashion, as women combined a whole range of contrasting materials to help give themselves a luxurious look. Key fabrics you’re likely to see include fur, lace and silk, as well as plenty of ruffles and tassells within dresses and scarves.

To try this yourself tasselled dresses made up of tiny layers of thread could be a brilliant investment, especially if you cover up with an elegant faux fur jacket. Spring has seen a resurgence in lace designs, using pale colours such as white, cream, peach, pink and other soft pastels.

Combine a lace-detail dress with a tasselled handbag and you’re surely onto a winner.

Consider a crop

Carey Mulligan’s cropped bob within the flick is sure to be an instant hit with fashion forward ladies, especially if you are keen to copy her retro locks. Heavy or side-fringes both work well, however you’ll need to practice your set curls and waves for those impressive 20s ripples.

Short hair needn’t be boring this season, especially if you take inspiration from this hugely glamorous decade and try wearing a glittering headband, girly hair slides or even a bejewelled headpiece.

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