Jul 9, 2013

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Fashion Tips for Men in Autumn 2013

Summer sales have now started which means in a matter of weeks we have the excitement of new designer pieces and collections making their way to the nearest fashion boutiques, Boudi for one is getting prepared so keep an eye out on all of the latest arrivals so you can get your hands on some of the new collections before anyone else.

Tips for Men in Autumn 2013

Tips for Men in Autumn 2013

With such a large number of styles, trends and designer collections to choose from we have collated easy to follow fashion tips for men this autumn in order to give you a quick overview of what to expect and what we would recommend!

Accessories are changing this season, moving away from our former comfort zones, being replaced by new pieces, the messenger bag for instance takes a backseat to the backpack. Switching to the new style can instantly update your wardrobe without sacrificing on any flexibility the messenger provided us.

London Fashion Week in February showed us which key trends we need to look out for! Tonal clothing for instance has a new take, we are all versed with all black outfits but this season we are changing the colours up a bit, taking inspiration from Nicole Farhi and James Long. Layering will be needed to pull this off and quite careful planning if you choose one of the more bold colours for the season such as mustard or even lighter colours such as cream which was formerly a summer only colour! It can easily go wrong so make sure you work at getting the pieces right! If you’re a fan of image bookmarking sites such as Pinterest you can use these to plan ahead and create lookbooks and boards, this can be great fun as well as practical!

Alongside the options which you may consider safe you will see lots of bold colours and patterns making an appearance in many collections, if you see a piece you like why not centre your winter wardrobe around this? Bold colour block jackets will get you started!

Invest in all of the fashion basics that you will be able to rely on season after season, men’s designer trousers, a winter coat, shoes and designer jeans tend to follow the same styles each winter with minor changes. Many of us choose to base our capsule wardrobes around these pieces making an easier seasonal transition each year.

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