Oct 25, 2014

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Alternatives to Too Formal Business Pants and Suits

Wearing a business suit makes a woman look and feel powerful, but it can also intimidate. It is sometimes enough to scare men off, as they can readily sense you can easily overpower them. So you might want to soften your looks once in a while. Since you can’t wear jeans in the office, here are chic alternatives to work pants that you can use.


Some fabrics are best worn in certain places and leather happens to be one of them. Wearing one to the office might make your boss thinks it’s your day off and you’re heading out to have some fun with your biker dudes. But why waste a really good pair of leather pants, right? Just make sure that when you go shopping, you pick one that isn’t too tight or too shiny, and with front closure. Pair them with a top that can stylishly hide the waistband, and you’ll be properly dressed for the office.


Scuba Pants

Apparently, scuba pants aren’t just for scuba diving. Because of its thickness and the fabric used, it can be worn like leggings without showing too much of anything. They’re more office appropriate too. Pair it with a professional-looking top or business jacket and you’re good to go.


I know, it is ridiculous to just imagine yourself wearing joggers at work but it can work. It’s all about choosing the right sweatpants, particularly those made of wool and silk. Stay away from those made of cotton, jersey or terrycloth. Also, choose sweats with cuffed hems and traditional closures, rather than those with scrunched up hems and drawstring. Then, choose a top that will cover the waist area and hide the fact that you are wearing sweats in the office. One top of these, you can wear jeans that fit like denim, but are more formal to feel and look at. These include corduroy, cotton twill and velvet.


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