Apr 3, 2013

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Alessia Marcuzzi too thin in a bikini. Fans criticized her on Facebook

The Roman showgirl Alessia Marcuzzi has for some time now started a blog of her own on the success of the fashion blogger... It’s called lapinella.com and the graphics are linear but very attractive with spontaneous post with pictures “au naturel” taken with a simple phone.



She is keen to stress this aspect of the photo in the post that opens with the image of the beginning of this article. Space on the web where you know the next door and solar girl. However Alessia Marcuzzi has perhaps been unfamiliar with the people of the web that can soar as fast Minimize glamorous but just as quickly can make you falter with acute critical.

The picture has a certain effect from the moment the ridges are visible and suggest pathological situations dramatic for many people who suffer from it in reality. But Marcuzzi with much ingenuity in the post above the picture simply writes:

“I admit I have not breathed for twenty seconds while Francis was taking this photo, I had to find something to hide the difettucci’s belly.”

Criticism and insults that you can read in the post on her fanpage are numerous and almost cruel. That Marcuzzi’ve learned your lesson? We hope so to avoid his new adventure in the Italian internet ends too soon!

The bikini that she is wearing in the photo is Je m’en fous.

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